You will receive a free consultation where we can discuss a bespoke service to help you decide which colours, styles and shapes would suit your natural colouring. I know from my own experience it can all be very daunting, especially if you are not sure what will suit you.

This is why the consultation is important, we can sit together and make an informed decision, once you know what is available to you and what you'd like to achieve.

Many women can benefit from permanent make up, whether it's an active lifestyle or make up free beach days, or maybe you just want to save precious time.

It can also really help ladies with impaired vision or people suffering from make up allergies.

A patch test will be required at least 12 hours prior to any treatment. This ensures you are not allergic to the products used.

If you do have a reaction such as swelling, rashes, irritation or skin hardening then please call me to discuss this.

The patch test takes just a few seconds using a lancet. I will pierce the skin and apply some pigment that will be used during your treatment.

This will feel like a small scratch, and could be preformed when you have your consultation if you choose to go ahead with a procedure.

Patch Test.jpeg