Permanent Lip Liner & Blush

Water colour lip tinting - it's a great way of adding colour and perceived volume to your lips, blending it perfectly for a natural finish.

You'll be ready for anything all day every day.

Lip Liner

Perfect if you just want to add lipstick and go. A lipliner can be created by implanting colour around the edges. no more struggling to perfect that line, no more bleeding or smudging.

£250 Includes First Top Up

Additional Top Ups £50

Lip Liner & Blush

A lipliner is added and colour is faded out towards the centre for a blush effect. Blending the liner into your natural colour 

£280 Includes First Top Up

Additional Top Ups £50

Colour Booster Maintenance

Ombre Lips

The colour will be more intense around the outside and the inner corners, shading the belly of the lips without having a full lip procedure.

£310 Includes First Top Up

Additional Top Ups £50

A full even colour throughout the whole lips built up. This will need at least 2 sessions then just add your lip gloss and go.

£340 Includes First Top Up

Additional Top Up £50

12 months £140

18 months £180

23 months £230

Anything after 24 months full price returns

Permanent Eyebrows - The Healing Process