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Permanent Eyebrows

Looking for envious arches, delicate super-fine hair strokes that look natural, realistic and more luscious and symmetric. Eyebrow techniques have come a long way from the first generation versions.

Made Up by Michelle- Permanent Eyebrows Menu

The brows will be shaded throughout. They can be shaded so they are very subtle or heavily shaded to enhance a more defined brow. The overall colour will still offer a very natural look.


Pemanent Make Up - Microblading

This is great if you don't have much hair. Using a manual blade I will stimulate the hair by implanting very fine strokes through your brow working with your own hair growth to help perfect a natural brow.


Permanent Make Up - Blading & Shading

This is a mixture of micro blading and powdered. For this technique I will be using a manual blade to stimulate natural hair growth, then I will use the machine to blend the whole brow to give a little more definition.


Permanent Make Up - Ombré Brows

These brows are heavily shaded using the machine, more so towards the end to really define the tail. Offering a softer shade at the front.


Top Up £50

Permanent Eyebrows - The Healing Process